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Experience the sheer luxury of our balloon gift-floor display. This extraordinary creation combines elegant foil balloons with shiny chrome latex balloons, creating a stunning visual impact. With an organic balloon weight, a large mylar number of your choice, and scrupulousartistic details, this gift is absolutely special and unique. It's the perfect way to make a birthday celebration truly unforgettable.

Party Time

$220.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price


    Holiday and weekend delivery is subject to availability only by phone and has a fee of $55.00.


    We reserve the right to substitute for balloons that are not in stock, provided the substitution will not substantially change the theme of the bouquet.


    Once the order has been paid, there is no refund in case of cancellation. However, you may use the credit for any future orders in one calendar year.



    Special delivery time frames, which are offered in some cities, are intended for orders going to doorman residences. For non-doorman residences, a standard time frame should be selected.

    Our deliveries are carried out during working hours from 10 AM to 5 PM, and we do not guarantee the exact delivery time.


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