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Balloons decoration


Approximately 225,000 students graduated in Florida each year. This significant number reflects the state's commitment to education and the achievements of its young population. To enhance the celebration of these remarkable milestones, DreamARK My Florida Balloons offers a special balloons delivery service. Our expert team crafts beautiful balloon bouquets, adding a festive touch to graduation festivities. These vibrant balloons symbolize success and serve as a joyful reminder of the bright futures that lie ahead for the graduates.


2023 Graduation balloon column
graduation balloon arch

Great graduation balloons are now available year-round in a broad selection of packages, including personalized balloons and customized school colors. School colors for the latex balloons can be entered once you add a bouquet to your shopping cart. We add Hi-Float Gel to all latex bouquets to keep them in the air for up to one week, fully inflated and delivered by hand. We have balloons for all occasions, in different sizes, and shapes.

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